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Court-ordered child support can be modified when there are substantial, material, and unanticipated changes in circumstances. Losing your job or receiving a pay cut may qualify for a reduction under certain circumstances. If one of the parents receives a raise or a promotion, this
may also result in a change in the amount due in child support.

There are certain times when the state of Florida will intervene in child support matters. These matters are governed by 42 U.S. Code § 651 – Authorization of Appropriations. This is otherwise known as Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. IV-D is further explained under Florida Statute 409.2563, and you will see the IV-D title on many of the documents or court papers that will be served or mailed to you.

Property division is often one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce action. People become attached to assets and also want what they believe they are entitled to. In Florida, courts use the concept of equitable distribution to determine the division of assets and debts.

Sometimes paternity must be established in order to enforce child support as well as custody rights. Paternity actions establish the legal father. This is not always necessarily the biological father. Instead, it is meant to legally establish the parent-child relationship. Along with this come both rights and responsibilities. They include the right to have time with your child and help make decisions in raising your child. This coincides with responsibilities, such as compliance with a custody agreement as well as paying child support.

If you are facing divorce, you need a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney who can help you make smart decisions about your future. Your life will inevitably change, but there are ways to make the divorce process as smooth, efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Child support is not optional and is strictly enforced in Florida, as child support is a child’s right. If you are seeking a divorce and anticipate a need for child support assistance, it is essential you find a Fort Lauderdale child support attorney who can make sure you obtain an accurate and fair child support payment.

Alimony is an award of financial support from one spouse to another at the end of a marriage. It may be given as a lump sum or incrementally for a stated period of time. In order to be awarded alimony, one spouse must show a demonstrated need for support and the ability of the other spouse to pay it. Such an amount can be negotiated between soon-to-be former spouses, often via a Fort Lauderdale alimony attorney.

During a Title IV-D administrative proceeding brought by the Department of Revenue concerning child support, the first presumption is that the father has no time sharing at all with the child. The father will be awarded no rights, have no say in what happens to the child and will not get credit for things that he may buy the child. These are all things that are outside of the scope of what the department can get involved with and what the hearing officer has the authority to order.

In Florida, children now spend time with their parents according to a parenting plan established between the parents. To minimize courtroom battles that pit parents against each other, state laws and courts have moved away from using words such as “custody” and “residential parent.” Time with children is now determined based on the “best interest” standard. By avoiding language that sets up a win-lose dynamic, the hope is that parents will look for solutions in which everyone wins, and parents will be able to co-parent more effectively after the divorce.

Domestic violence of any kind is abhorrent. However, allegations of domestic violence are not always cut and dry. This is typically a complex legal matter that crosses the line between criminal law and family law. At The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, our knowledgeable and experienced Fort Lauderdale domestic violence attorney is here to help anybody who is experiencing domestic violence issues. Whether you have experienced domestic violence or had been falsely accused of committing acts of violence, we are ready to investigate the issue.

Child visitation is a right granted by a court to the non-custodial parent as part of a divorce proceeding. Visitation may also be granted to persons other than a parent. Recently, Florida passed a law suggesting a visitation schedule and reinforcing that any visitation schedule proposed by parents must also be in the ‘best interests of the child’ or children. The goal in Florida is to help children make the best of a bad situation and encourage parents to find a way to put aside their differences in order to raise healthy kids. At The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A., our Fort Lauderdale child visitation attorney emphasizes practical solutions that promote cooperation while helping children benefit from time with both parents.

Prenuptial agreements are a good thing. Despite what many people think about prenups, these agreements work to ensure that every party in the marriage is safe. At The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. our team is here to help when you need a Fort Lauderdale prenuptial agreement attorney. We understand the importance of ensuring that marriage starts off on the right foot and that all parties are comfortable with the situation. We want to help explain why prenups are important, and we are here to help you create yours so you can focus on other important aspects of the marriage process.

When you share custody of a minor child, complex child custody and visitation problems often arise—and child relocation issues are chief among them. In the state of Florida, parents who share custody sometimes find themselves in precarious situations when one of the parents wishes to move to another city, state, or even out of the country. Florida courts have traditionally restricted the movement of custodial parents when they seek to move away from the area where the other parent lives. If you are in the midst of a child relocation problem—whether you’re looking to move or you want to protect your rights as a noncustodial parent—your first call should be to a Fort Lauderdale child relocation attorney.

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