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April 19, 2024.
posted in Criminal Defense

Drug Possession in Florida: Why You Need an Attorney

When arrested for drug possession in Florida, having an attorney can be vital for navigating the legal complexities and potentially severe consequences that follow. Here’s a detailed look at how an attorney can assist in such cases: Legal Representation and Advice Understanding the Law: Florida’s drug possession laws can be strict and complex. An attorney...

November 17, 2021.
posted in Criminal Defense

A Timeline Of Florida’s Unfair Sentencing For Low-Level Drug Offenders

In 2008, Tarahrick Terry was arrested for possessing 3.9 grams of “crack cocaine.” He was sentenced to over 15 years in prison. This case would seem like a low-level offense. If convicted today, current sentencing laws would allow for much lighter sentences, but Terry was sentenced before the laws were modified, made to live with...

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