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April 14, 2021.
posted in Family Law

Floridian Grandparents Have Rights Too

Grandparents can be a constant, stabilizing force when children are going through life’s hardships. Children look to their grandparents following a divorce, death, or other life-changing events in a family. Often, one or more sets of grandparents become estranged from the grandkids and left without access to visitation. In such situations, grandparents are left wondering...

March 15, 2021.
posted in Divorce

Getting a ‘Gray’ Divorce In Florida – What You Should Know?

A gray divorce is a regular divorce but it happens when you’re over 50 and you’ve been married a long time. While the process may be basically the same, the important aspects are somewhat different due to the age of the couple and the longevity of the marriage. At this point, any children are mostly...

February 17, 2021.
posted in Divorce

Will a Divorce Hurt My Credit?

Choosing to dive into marriage is brave and commendable. For better or worse is something couples should take seriously. Yet, couples should also know the difference between fighting harder and learning when to let go. Our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney at The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A., understand divorce is never an easy...

January 14, 2021.
posted in Divorce

Everything You Need to Know About Alimony and Reform Efforts

As we enter a new year, the Florida bill to end permanent alimony is back on the table. The hot button topic has incited immense controversy in recent years. Last year, the alimony reform bill failed to make it through the legislative process. In 2020, two separate bills were introduced to reform alimony, and it...

December 18, 2020.
posted in Divorce

How Does the Money Spent on an Affair Affect the Division of Assets in a Divorce?

Divorces are a messy business. Numerous states across the country have sought to make divorce easier by passing no-fault legislation. This would allow all marital assets to be divided equally. Nonetheless, what do you do if you believe your spouse is mishandling funds out of the marital estate? What if he or she is spending...

November 12, 2020.
posted in Child Custody

Are Custody Battles Biased Towards Fathers?

Breaking up can be tough. Divorce is certainly harder. Now, what about the kids? The generalized depiction of divorce in both TV and Movies usually shows Mom with the kids and Dad with the bachelor pad. Great entertainment is made from Mom beginning life as a single mother, juggling the job, kids, PTA meetings, and...

October 12, 2020.
posted in Divorce

You Should Take Divorce Mediation Seriously in Florida

Divorce is not easy for any person involved. This includes the spouses, any children they may have, and even the extended family members. It is important to remember that at the center of any divorce are real people experiencing real pain. There are times when divorcing couples go through mediation in Florida, whether by choice...

September 14, 2020.
posted in Divorce

What Happens If You Do Not Have An Attorney For Your Divorce Case? 

If you are going through a divorce, or are considering starting the process of separating from your spouse, this is an incredibly stressful time for you. Divorce cases are never easy. Many people start this process thinking that they can get it done quickly and with little stress. Some people decide that they are not...

August 17, 2020.
posted in Property Division

Appraisals and Divorce in Fort Lauderdale

If you are going through a divorce or are considering separating from your significant other, you are undoubtedly going through a stressful time. Divorce cases can become complicated, particularly when it comes to dividing marital assets. Florida operates under an equitable distribution rule, which means that marital property must be divided equitably and fairly, though...

July 16, 2020.
posted in Child Support

Do You Need To Modify Your Child Support Payments Due To COVID-19?

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the way we live our lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. While also being an unprecedented global health crisis, the effects of COVID-19 have significantly altered the economy. The unemployment rate has risen dramatically, and this could affect a person’s ability to pay their...

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