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November 07, 2012.
posted in Felonies

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Getting serious criminals off the streets can be a daunting task. Some cities have put together elaborate operations to capture serious offenders and individuals who have outstanding warrants for felony charges.

According to a report, almost 1,100 felons were arrested in the last three weeks in a law enforcement sweep in Broward County. This sweep was a part of an organized effort with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and the Florida Sheriff’s Task Force to remove individuals charged with felonies from the streets of Florida.

In addition to these arrests, a significant number of illegal firearms, vehicles and drugs were seized during the operation, according to the Broward’s sheriff’s office. These seizures included more than 450 pounds of marijuana, 69 guns, 44 vehicles, nearly $100,000 in cash and a range of prescription pills and illegal drugs.

As a result of this operation, more than 12,000 individuals, including violent criminals and sexual predators from across the state of Florida, were put behind bars. Throughout the sweep, Broward County’s Sheriff’s Office ran several operations that dealt with crimes involving robbery, domestic abuse, fraud, murder and other serious criminal charges.

Despite the fact that many of the people caught in this operation may have felony charges against them, they still have the right to obtain representation and are considered innocent until proven guilty in court. When large operations result in mass arrests, people who are innocent may become unintentionally involved, making it vital that they are aware of their rights to due process.

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