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January 24, 2013.
posted in Felonies

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When suspects are arrested on aggravated felony charges, they may not know where to turn for help, especially if the crimes with which they have been charged are of a particularly grievous nature. Individuals accused of committing felonies can help themselves by discovering the types of assistance available to them.

Not all crimes have an obvious agenda. In the case of a 26-year-old Fort Lauderdale man who was recently arrested for an alleged knife attack, a motive is still unclear. The victim of the alleged assault was a man that the suspect apparently barely knew. The attack took place recently, after the alleged victim arrived at an apartment looking for a friend.

The suspect reportedly opened the door and invited the other man into the apartment to wait for his friend, who apparently was not there. When the victim decided to leave the premises, the suspect allegedly became agitated and threatened the other man with a knife.

Over the course of the attack, the victim was stabbed in the back twice and sustained defensive cuts on his hands. The suspect also allegedly hit the victim on the back of the skull with a liquor bottle.

After apparently fleeing the scene, the alleged attacker remained at large until Tuesday, when police located him. According to police reports, the man is facing a number of indictments, which include aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and an attempted felony murder charge.

These sources are indeed serious, and the man should be prepared to put forward a strong defense if he believes that he is innocent. It sounds like the suspect could be mentally or emotionally unstable. In that case, perhaps treatment could be a better option.

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