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January 11, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

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A man was arrested and booked into Flagler County Jail after an alleged incident of domestic violence on New Year’s Eve. The altercation allegedly took place on Interstate 95. It was reported that his girlfriend attempted to jump out of the moving vehicle to get away from him. It’s important for the suspect in this case to understand his legal rights. This will help him make better decisions about his case and better defend himself if these domestic violence charges are untrue.

The 41-year-old man allegedly argued with his girlfriend at a local club. The couple left the club in his white Chevy Caprice, and the woman’s friend followed. In her statement to the police, the friend claimed that during the drive the couple’s car began to swerve and speed. As the car sped north on I-95, the friend claimed she saw the woman try to jump out of the car.

Eventually, the man lost his girlfriend’s friend. Shortly after, he allegedly took his girlfriend’s cell phone, identification and money and left her at a gas station. She was driven home by a customer. The man is also accused of threatening his girlfriend’s family.

Police say they observed several injuries on the girlfriend. The man, a convicted felon, was charged with several crimes, including aggravated assault and domestic violence battery, and was released on a $35,000 bond. It’s important that prior convictions are not used against him. The current charges need to stand on their own.

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