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April 11, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

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Police, prosecutors, and other law enforcement officials are constantly looking for new and better ways to hunt down and convict criminals. To help in the effort to curb domestic violence in Florida, the State Attorney will be hosting a summit for law enforcement officials. At this conference, the State Attorney, assistant state attorney, and other people in the legal community will be presenting a series of workshops to discuss how to better prosecute domestic violence cases.

These presentations will include a workshop on conducting investigations effectively and gathering evidence for use in court. The goal of this conference is to help officers and prosecutors from around the state obtain guilty verdicts on domestic assault charges, domestic violence charges, and other similar domestic violence issues. At the conference, other officials including representatives from Social Services will be available to help those who attend as well.

Over 67,000 people were arrested on some sort of domestic violence charge in Florida in 2010. Conferences like this one, help prosecutors become more familiar with domestic violence laws and how to use the evidence in the case more effectively. This can mean an increase in the number of defendants who are found guilty and sentenced to prison.

In cases of domestic violence, the evidence is often in the form of “he said, she said” since instances of domestic violence are rarely seen by witnesses outside the home. With the police on the side of the victim and armed with information on how to best gather evidence, it can often be hard for the defendants to feel like they are getting fair proceedings.

However, if defendants begin to prepare their defense from the moment they are arrested, the outcome can be positive. With the right help, there are ways to combat police and prosecutors so that the defendants’ side of the story is heard.

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