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July 03, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

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When a couple gets married, they often intend to stay together for a long time. During this time, people expect that there will be ups and there will be downs. When couples are together for a long time, disagreements are inevitable — no couple is perfect. However, there are times when these disagreements get too heated and things are said and done that normally would not occur. Unfortunately for some Florida couples, these heated disagreements can sometimes lead to domestic violence charges.

When people are charged with domestic violence, they may feel like they should just settle the case as quickly as possible to avoid any possible embarrassment. In doing this, people may overlook some of their criminal defense options. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible for domestic violence charges to be dropped.

In a recent Florida case, the president of the North Brevard NAACP was charged with felony domestic battery with strangulation after a fight with his wife. In this case, the man was accused of choking his wife early last month. Following the argument, he was arrested and charged. However, all of the charges have since been dropped.

In this case, the man’s wife has asked the prosecutors to not go ahead with the prosecution. In fact, it appears that the two have reconciled. Furthermore, the court has lifted other restrictions on the man which has allowed him to return to his family home and see his wife.

In some cases, like this one, after emotions have settled people decide that there is no need for criminal charges or a court’s involvement. In these cases, a motion can be brought on behalf of the defendant to ask for charges to be dropped and to allow people to resume a normal life. In these cases, people can avoid punishment if they are handled correctly.

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