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July 17, 2013.
posted in Sex Crimes

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Police and prosecutors in Florida will generally stop at nothing to protect children — especially from child sex abuse. When this abuse has allegedly occurred, police have access to a variety of resources aimed at finding and arresting the perpetrator.

Recently, a man was arrested in Virginia on suspicion of committing a sex crime against a child in Florida. In a joint effort by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Taskforce in both Florida and Virginia, the man was arrested and is awaiting extradition to Florida.

According to police, a 43-year-old man is accused of sexually abusing a young child while that child was visiting Florida. The abuse is said to have taken place on multiple occasions. He now faces felony charges.

Following people’s arrest for sex crimes against children — like the man in this case — prosecutors are very aggressive and seek harsh punishments. They will receive lots of evidence from the police. Prosecutors will piece together that evidence in hopes of obtaining a guilty verdict. This evidence can be sensitive and contain a lot of personal information. Once released it can cause people a lot of embarrassment and damage their reputation.

If people are found guilty of sex crimes, prosecutors will often seek severe punishments. These sentences can include serious prison time which can take a person away from everyday life for many years or even decades. Furthermore, people may also be forced to register on the sex offender registry which can make life very difficult.

In order to combat the aggressive behavior by police and prosecutors, people must do everything they can to protect their constitutional rights from the beginning of an investigation. This includes ensuring that police did not violate rules while searching for evidence and that the prosecutors follow all rules during criminal proceedings.

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