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September 05, 2013.
posted in Felonies

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For some crimes, police catch people in the act and stop them from completing the crime. Other times, other people see a crime and report it to the police. Occasionally, however, circumstantial evidence is used to create a criminal case against a person. In these situations, any one piece of evidence on its own may not be enough to convict someone, but when all the evidence is used together, it becomes more damaging.

Recently, authorities from several southern states — including Florida — have combined different pieces of evidence together to arrest and charge a man of burglary. The 51-year-old man, nicknamed “The Silver Thief” was apprehended in Florida on outstanding warrants. He has been charged with conspiracy to the committee a felony and burglary with an intent to commit a first-degree felony.

According to authorities, this man targeted wealthy neighborhoods and celebrity homes through the southern U.S. Investigators say the man would carefully break into homes using skilled methods so he didn’t trip the security alarms. Once inside, he would take only the most valuable possessions he could find.

Police claim that the man is responsible for around 150 burglaries. They estimate that he has stolen nearly $3 million worth of goods.

In order to avoid the life-changing penalties that come with being found guilty of¬†felony charges, like those in this case, people should explore all their defense options. In situations where direct evidence is not available and prosecutors are forced to piece together multiple parts to prove their case, defendants have many criminal defense options. Sometimes, if one or two small pieces of evidence can be discredited then the prosecutor’s case will fall apart.

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