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November 14, 2013.
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A drunk driving arrest can be embarrassing for anyone — especially if that person is in a high-profile position within the community. No matter a person’s job, that person will still face serious penalties if found guilty of DUI.

Recently in Fort Lauderdale, a Broward County judge was arrested for drinking and driving. According to reports, police received a call about a white Mercedes-Benz that was driving erratically near 49 NE 2nd Street. Soon after the call, police tracked down the car and pulled it over.

Police say that the car’s driver — the 56-year-old judge — admitted that she had been pulled over for weaving in the road. Police officers say that they observed the woman swerving before pulling her over. Furthermore, police claim that the woman had red, glassy eyes, slurred and slow speech, a flushed face, and smelled of alcohol when they approached the car.

After asking the woman to exit the vehicle, police claim that the woman refused. Instead, she insisted on calling a skilled attorney. Police allege that she had difficulty dialing her phone. After several requests, the woman finally exited her car, but police say that she refused to take a field sobriety test or a breath test. Subsequently, she was arrested for DUI.

Like all those charged in Florida with DUI this woman now faces a variety of punishments. While some may think that it will be more difficult for police to charge her with a DUI since she refused a breath test. However, breath test refusal could actually lead to additional criminal charges. Additionally, those charged with DUI face large fines, jail time, loss of drivers’ licenses, and trouble at work.

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