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November 01, 2013.
posted in Domestic Violence

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Some may assume that only men will be arrested and charged with domestic violence in Florida. However, that is not true. Under Florida law, police will arrest and charge whoever they determine to be the primary aggressor in an altercation. A primary aggressor could be a woman or a man. Furthermore, the other person does not have to be seriously hurt in order for a person to face domestic violence charges.

For example, recently a 19-year-old woman was arrested and charged with misdemeanor¬†domestic violence¬†following an incident with her boyfriend. According to police, the woman used a water squirt gun to spray her boyfriend with water after he said something that she didn’t like. Following her squirts, the police say the man poured water on the woman and hit her with a pillow. Police also say that the two then pushed each other.

During their investigation, the police found the woman to be the primary aggressor. They say she initiated the attack with the purpose to agitate and antagonize her boyfriend for more than one year. Therefore, she was arrested and taken to the local jail. She is due in court again at the end of October.

This case shows how seriously even the smallest acts of violence are taken in Florida. Unwanted aggression against a family member or significant other can result in charges even when very little, or no damage is done. Even the threat of violence may be enough for police to bring charges.

These charges are very serious and should be addressed by the accused. Without the right defense, domestic violence charges can keep people away from their homes, children, and other loved ones. It can also result in a jail or prison sentence and other penalties.

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