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February 07, 2014.
posted in Felonies

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Robbery is one of many different types of theft crimes. Like any theft, robbery includes a person taking the property of another person, however, other factors must also be present for a robbery to occur. In order for a robbery to occur, physical force or a threat of violence or fear must be used in order to take the property. Furthermore, the victim must be present during the theft and suffer an injury or be threatened with harm.

In some cases, a robbery can become aggravated when a person uses a deadly weapon to complete the robbery. In cases of aggravated or armed robbery, the penalties tend to be more severe.

In North Miami, an aggravated robbery recently occurred at a local restaurant. Police have arrested and charged a 33-year-old man for the crime. According to police, the man and another 19-year-old man were seen on a surveillance video robbing customers and the restaurant. The man has been charged with grand theft and armed robbery. The other man was already in police custody following a different altercation. He was also charged in the incident.

Felony charges, such as armed robbery can result in serious criminal punishments including more than one year in prison. However, in order for a person to be found guilty, prosecutors have to prove that the robbery actually occurred and that the person was involved beyond a reasonable doubt.

With the right help, a criminal defense strategy can be crafted that helps to created doubt in the case. There are cases of mistaken identity, ways to challenge video evidence, and other techniques that can be used to prove a person’s innocence. A person should not underestimate the importance of a proper criminal defense when facing a felony charge.

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