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February 21, 2014.
posted in Domestic Violence

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Various domestic violence charges have ended the fighting career of UFC fighter Thiago Silva. Silva was recently arrested in Fort Lauderdale after the latest incident between him and his wife. According to reports, Silva believed that his wife of 13 years was having an affair. He confronted his wife outside of the mixed martial arts studio owned by the man he suspected his wife was cheating with. Police claim that Silva used a gun to coerce his wife into bringing the other man outside of the studio.

Police allege that the other man called the police and Silva fled to his home. He was arrested after a standoff with the police. He was charged with attempted murder following the incident, but that charged was reduced to aggravated assault, resisting arrest without violence, and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. According to reports, these charges follow other domestic violence incidents between the couple that have occurred in recent months.

Following these most recent charges, the UFC has announced the end of Silva’s contract with the league. League insiders say he will never fight for the UFC again — since the league has tried to control its violent image in recent years.

This case is one example of the immediate effects domestic violence charges can have on a person. While these changes often happen between family members, Fort Lauderdale police take the charges very seriously. In addition to the criminal punishments, people may also find that following charges they may have consequences at their work, have a difficult time seeing their children, or be banned from their own homes.

In order to eliminate or reduce charges, people have to defend themselves against the charges. Domestic violence charges often arise after a moment of passion that a person deeply regrets. By using the right legal tools, people can return to normal life following an unfortunate mistake.

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