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May 07, 2014.
posted in Domestic Violence

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Couples can have disagreements and fights regularly. Even couples that are in love have situations where each person does not see eye-to-eye. When these disagreements turn physical, Florida police can get involved and arrest the party that they see as the primary aggressor. Even in situations where the physical harm is minimal, domestic violence charges are a possibility.

Recently, former NFL football player Keyshawn Johnson was investigated on allegations of domestic violence. Johnson is currently a sports analyst with ESPN but played football in Florida with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

According to investigators, Johnson and his ex-girlfriend got into a fight that ended violently. Reports claim that during the fight, Johnson tried to take his ex-girlfriend’s cellphone away from her. During the process, the woman’s finger was apparently scratched and her shirt collar was ripped. Johnson maintained his innocence during the investigation.

Despite the investigation, police have recently announced that they will not press charges against Johnson. Following the investigation, police announced that the injuries appeared accidental and were minor. Furthermore, they claim that the witness was uncooperative during the investigation process. Therefore, they do not have enough evidence to bring criminal charges.

An investigation into an alleged domestic assault can be daunting for Florida residents. They may suffer immediate consequences including losing the right to see their children or return to their homes and a damaged reputation. However, with the right help during an investigation, people can protect their rights and share their side of the story. In some cases, the police may see that no intentional violence occurred and a person can avoid criminal charges, a criminal record, and further punishments.

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