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June 06, 2014.
posted in Felonies

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A May 28 incident has resulted in charges against a 35-year-old security guard. The man was patrolling an apartment complex in Orlando at approximately 9 p.m. when he observed an argument between a man and woman in the parking lot. The woman drove away briefly, and upon her return, a friend reportedly jumped in front of the vehicle. The woman later indicated that the man was bumped by her vehicle at a slow rate of speed. She left the scene, driving across the street to a community center. The security guard followed in an automobile.

Witnesses indicated that the guard ordered the woman to leave her vehicle, and she initially complied. However, the friend informed her that the security guard lacked legal authority. As the woman attempted to drive around the security officer, he reportedly shot the back of the vehicle. The woman was struck three times and was transported to an area medical center for treatment. According to reports, the rear window on the driver’s side was shattered.

The security guard suffered abrasions on his right calf as well as an injury to his ankle. His pistol was confiscated, and he was transported to a medical facility for treatment. He has been charged with aggravated battery involving the use of a firearm, and he has been released on a bond of $3,500. According to state licensing authorities, security guards do not have the power to arrest someone.

A defense lawyer representing an individual who is facing felony charges may evaluate reports to pinpoint inconsistencies in witness statements. Additionally, if the evidence against the defendant appears strong, a lawyer may negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors in order to have the criminal charges reduced or possibly dismissed.

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