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July 23, 2014.
posted in Felonies

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Three Florida residents reportedly appeared in court on July 18 after they were taken into police custody and were charged for being in possession of illegal firearms. Police claimed that they also seized various amounts of drugs during their investigation into the incident.

The 49-year-old man was charged for being in possession of a firearm following a conviction. The 23-year-old man was charged for having a firearm that had an obscured serial number. Finally, the 19-year-old man was charged for having a short-barreled rifle in his possession. The authorities also stated that a large number of drugs were seized, allegedly including 74 capsules of Molly, 95 grams of Molly powder, 45 grams of cocaine, 16 grams of crack, and 149 grams of marijuana.

Those who are found to be in possession of illegal firearms and illegal drugs are likely to face a number of felonies. If they are convicted on felony drug or firearms charges, they may face serious potential punishments that could include a lengthy jail sentence followed by a probation period. Additionally, they may also face hefty fines and may be required to attend a court-ordered rehabilitation program.

Accused individuals can either fight the charges or negotiate a lighter sentence with the prosecution. The course of action that is taken depends upon the strength of the evidence that the prosecution has against the accused person. For example, if the search warrant used to obtain evidence was not secured in the proper way, an experienced attorney may be able to argue that any evidence seized using this warrant be judged inadmissible in court. Otherwise, the attorney may also be able to exchange a guilty plea for dismissed charges.

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