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August 19, 2014.
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Police in Pembroke Pines was recently contacted by a concerned grandmother who reportedly told them that her daughter and another woman were driving while impaired with a minor in the backseat. Both women were later detained at a beauty supply store after allegedly causing a disturbance. They reportedly failed sobriety tests administered by officers at the scene, and they were charged with DUI.

According to sources, the women’s actions were reported due to their alleged throwing of products in the store. As officers arrived at the scene, the women were located inside of a parked vehicle with its engine running. They claim that a minor was also present and that she was not in an appropriate car seat.

Slurred speech and other symptoms alerted officers to the potential of the woman being under the influence, although one indicated that she was not drinking but taking prescription medications. However, the woman did not have prescriptions for the controlled substances allegedly discovered in her possession. The mother of the child, meanwhile, allegedly sat in the driver’s seat in spite of official warnings not to do so.

Both women were charged with DUI and DUI with a child under the age of 18. Additional charges included drug possession for one of the women. The mother of the child was also charged with child neglect, driving with a suspended license, and resisting detention.

A drunk driving conviction in Florida could have serious legal consequences. Moreover, depending on any previous DUI offenses and a driver’s blood alcohol concentration at the time of the incident, the penalties levied against an individual could result in a long jail sentence and hefty fines. A person who wishes to contest the charges may seek the services of a criminal defense lawyer who could assist them in building a credible defense.

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