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August 05, 2014.
posted in Felonies

On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

A jury in Miami-Dade convicted a 29-year-old man of the murder of a Mexican migrant worker, announcing the ruling on Aug. 4. The jury found the defendant guilty of multiple felony charges including armed robbery, second-degree murder with a deadly weapon, and attempted murder. The man could face a life sentence for the 2009 crime.

According to authorities, the worker and a friend, both Mexican nationals, had decided to go out for a drink after completing their shifts at the nursery where they worked. When the two were leaving the cafe, the defendant allegedly attacked them. The worker was stabbed eight times, leading to his death. His friend was also injured in the attack.

A witness identified the defendant as the attacker; however, the victim’s friend had returned to Mexico by the time of the trial and was unable to testify. The defendant also confessed to the crime in a videotaped statement. His lawyers argued that he had been coerced to confess before he offered the videotaped confession, but he was convicted nonetheless.

Individuals who are to be tried for similar violent felonies may elect to employ criminal defense lawyers to defend them. A criminal defense attorney in a case like this one might argue that the prosecution’s case was primarily based on unreliable witness testimony, particularly if the attorney was able to gain traction with an argument undermining any more concrete evidence, such as the efforts of the defense, in this case, to convince the jury that the confession was coerced.

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