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December 29, 2014.
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Officers with the Polk County Sheriff’s Department reportedly arrested a 47-year-old woman for an attempted murder-for-hire plot against her husband. According to officers, the arrest happened following the woman’s alleged solicitation to an undercover detective.

Allegedly, officers initially received information from an anonymous informant that the woman was trying to hire someone to kill her husband. The undercover detective allegedly made contact with the woman, arranging to meet with her in Banana Lake Park to discuss the arrangements.

The woman met with the detective, purportedly agreeing to sign a written contract to pay the detective $10,000 in vehicles for the job and signed over one title as a down payment. She allegedly told the detective that she wanted the job completed quickly. Sheriff’s officials claim the verbal exchange was captured on hidden camera video. Officers arrested the woman later after meeting with her and telling her her husband had been killed. She denied any knowledge of the detective or the plan. She is facing charges of solicitation to commit murder in addition to a charge of illegal use of a two-way communication device. There is no word on the amount of the woman’s bond at this time.

People charged with serious felonies, like this woman, should understand their constitutional rights. When a law enforcement officer attempts to question a suspect, the suspect has a right to assert their constitutional rights against self-incrimination by remaining silent as well as to be defended in the matter by requesting an attorney. In many cases, people mistakenly believe they can talk their way out of being charged criminally. When people talk, however, everything they say can and will be used against them. Interrogations and questioning are conducted to help build the case against the person. It may be best for a defendant to immediately request a criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale.

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