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February 10, 2015.
posted in Drunk Driving

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A female Florida resident has been taken into custody by police after accusations of DUI and improper operation of a motor vehicle. They claim to have found her driving in the wrong lanes of a highway in Tampa. Authorities reported that the incident occurred at 1:26 a.m. on Feb. 5.

The Florida Highway Patrol alleges that an officer saw a car being driven south on the northbound side of the Veteran’s Freeway. Upon stopping the vehicle, they found it to have been driven by a 23-year-old woman who lived in the area. According to her statement to the officer, the woman claimed that she had departed a local drinking establishment, gotten on SR-589 going in the wrong direction, exited, and then re-entered the freeway in what she believed to be the correct direction. However, the officer who stopped her observed that she had still been driving in the wrong direction at the time of the stop.

The officer performed a field sobriety test and assessed the woman’s condition as intoxicated. She was asked to provide a breath sample and complied. The test allegedly revealed that she had a blood alcohol content of 0.123 percent. This is substantially in excess of the legal limit in the state of Florida. She was detained and transported to the Hillsborough County Jail.

Florida citizens and others who have been arrested for DUI may wish to consult with a Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney about options for their defense. It may be possible to argue that the circumstances of the traffic stop were such that some of the charges against them cannot be substantiated, or they may assert that there were extenuating factors and evidence that call for a reduction in penalties or dismissal of charges.

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