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March 23, 2015.
posted in Misdemeanors

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Sometimes individuals here in Florida and elsewhere can be wrongfully accused of a crime. And in some cases, individuals may be guilty but are able to find technicalities or legal loopholes in order to get the charges reduced or the entire case dismissed completely. Although it isn’t clear exactly what happened, an NFL running back is likely breathing easier now that the state has dropped its charges of a misdemeanor offense against him.

In January, Chris Johnson – who is a free agent running back in the NFL – was pulled over by police in Florida after allegedly driving through a stop sign. The officer claims that when he approached Johnson’s vehicle that a firearm was in view between his feet. He was arrested and was facing charges for openly carrying a firearm.

It turns out that the prosecution spokeswoman says there is not suitable evidence to support the claim and to obtain a conviction. Therefore, they have decided to not file charges against Johnson. This is good news for Johnson, as a different outcome could have affected his ability to play in the NFL.

A misdemeanor or felony weapons charge is a very serious crime and the penalty can be harsh. However, when the prosecution does not have adequate evidence to support the claim, the charges must be dropped. In some cases, even when the prosecution feels as if there is enough evidence to convict, a strong legal defense can be used to get the charges dropped – or at least reduced, possibly with a plea deal.

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