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May 21, 2015.
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A search remains ongoing for a Florida pilot who was a flight instructor from Palo Alto.  According to reports, the case is complicated and involves previously filed felony charges, a stolen plane, and a missing person. The mother of the man in question recently spoke out to say that her son is a very good man, and she would like the media to refrain from reporting negative stories about him.

The 24-year-old pilot is suspected of flying off in a commercial plane that he did not have permission to use. The plane is owned by the company through which he was employed. The incident occurred in early May 2015 and remains under investigation. Authorities have not yet located the flight instructor or the plane. The man’s mother told reporters that he is a loving and caring son who is struggling through difficult times, which does not make him a bad person.

It appears that before the plane and the pilot went missing, the man had been arrested in April on felony charges. The previous arrest was reportedly connected to dating violence. Information provided shows that the man was released on a $16,000 bond in relation to those charges.

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