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May 06, 2015.
posted in Felonies

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A 25-year-old Florida man is said to have recently called police to report a possible burglary at his apartment. The incident ended with the man who made the call being arrested. He now faces multiple felony charges. The situation unfolded on a recent Tuesday at an apartment complex in Okaloosa County.

Deputies reportedly arrived at the apartment building in response to a phone call from a man who said that a burglary had taken place. Responding officers stated that they did see signs of what appeared to be a forced entrance when they came to the scene. As they began a preliminary investigation, they apparently requested a search warrant at some point for the apartment of the man who had called to report the burglary, as well as for his vehicle which was parked outside the building.

Police claim that they discovered in excess of $80,000 in cash, drugs, and a firearm during their search of the man’s residence and vehicle. The weapon allegedly found in the car was listed as a gun that had been reported stolen two years ago. The man is said to have told the police that he had bought the gun from a random person on the street.

The man, in this case, was arrested and must now respond to multiple felony charges that have been filed against him. When a Florida resident is charged with a felony, he or she is fully entitled to the presumption of innocence and other important legal rights throughout the pending criminal proceedings. It is typically helpful to seek legal consultation with experienced defense counsel due to the fact that the potential consequences of a felony conviction could be severe.

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