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July 27, 2015.
posted in Misdemeanors

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Word has spread fast about the offensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills being arrested this month in Florida. Aaron Kromer has been accused of punching a teenage boy in the face. Further accusations include that the coach threatened to kill the boy’s entire family. As a result, he is facing a misdemeanor charge of the battery.

All of this transpired when the 48-year-old coach was out with his son on a Florida beach. There were three boys who had been using beach chairs and fishing. Supposedly, Kromer confronted them regarding such use. It is then that he allegedly pushed one of the three boys down, threw the boy’s fishing pole out into the water, and then proceeded to punch him in his face. He reportedly told them to get the chairs back where they were and that his family would be killed if the boy reported his actions to the police.

The coach’s 21-year-old son purportedly helped the boys find the fishing pole. He also is said to have spoken to them about the beach chairs. He then also returned home, where his father had already gone.

At this time, it is only speculation regarding the events that transpired at the beach. In order for the misdemeanor charge to go through, prosecutors will be required to show concrete evidence that proves Kromer actually pushed and punched one of the boys and then threatened his family. At the same time, it is just as important for Kromer to develop an aggressive defense that takes into account all circumstances and facts surrounding the case. This is important to not only protect his current reputation but to also protect his entire future.

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