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July 16, 2015.
posted in Drunk Driving

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One man in Florida was recently arrested on DUI charges after allegedly causing an accident leading to a woman’s death. The reported DUI accident took place on a Monday. It occurred along State Road 471.

Police reported that a man was driving a vehicle on the state road and passed another car. However, when he returned to the lanes heading south, his automobile ended up rear-ending a southbound vehicle that had stopped in order to turn left. A female passenger in the car that was rear-ended passed away as a result of her injuries; she was 86 years old.

The driver of the rear-ended automobile suffered serious injuries, and so did two teens in the other car. The man who police said rear-ended the vehicle was accused of driving under the influence and was jailed. He is charged with DUI impairment as well as child abuse. The man is also a registered sex offender and has been charged with other crimes in the past, including possessing pot and giving fake information to authorities.

When people in Florida face DUI charges, they have the right to defend themselves at trial. Prosecutors have to prove their charges beyond a reasonable doubt; otherwise, no conviction can be handed down against them. This is important because a DUI conviction can have long-term consequences, such as preventing a person from claiming a professional job. It is within the rights of a person charged with DUI to seek the most personally favorable result based upon the circumstances surrounding the criminal case.

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