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September 18, 2015.
posted in Misdemeanors

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A 45-year-old Florida doctor was arrested in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday after allegedly causing an altercation in a Waffle House in Santa Rosa County. He apparently insisted on his right to have a legal representative present and refused to speak with deputies. He was then arrested on misdemeanor charges.

Deputies received an earlier call about an altercation at a bar and responded to the complaint. A patron at the bar reported that two men approached him while he was having a drink and proceeded to punch him. A witness corroborated his allegations and provided the deputies with a description of the alleged assailants.

The deputies spotted the two suspects in the Waffle House and approached them. When the doctor refused to answer any questions, he was frisked, and a small amount of marijuana and a one-hit pipe was found on him. The doctor is now facing a misdemeanor battery charge along with two misdemeanor drug charges. The doctor’s employer reportedly said it will launch an independent investigation and act appropriately.

Under Florida laws, a battery charge can follow any non-consensual contact with another person; even grabbing another person’s arm can lead to a misdemeanor charge. Retaining the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney may be the best defense for a person facing misdemeanor charges. A lawyer can evaluate the proceedings leading up to the divorce and determine whether law enforcement exceeded the scope of their authority. Whatever the circumstances, an experienced attorney will make every effort to obtain the most favorable outcome for the client’s situation.

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