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October 20, 2015.
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Whether you live in Florida or another state, one thing that most people agree on is that divorce presents one of the greatest and most difficult challenges in life. As a general rule, there are two major stages that one may often experience: the first is the grieving process and the second is the rebuilding process. Despite the varieties of human experience, most people who have gone through a difficult divorce agree that there are a cyclical rise and fall of bouts of depression, sadness, and grief. This dynamic repeats itself after the divorce until it is completely played out.

As the grieving cycles progressively weaken, the process of rebuilding will gradually take center stage in a person’s post-divorce reformulation. Some experts estimate that the average span for a person to throw off the repressive impact of a divorce may take up to two years. Sometimes, the duration of that struggle will be less or it could be longer.

For example, where a breakup includes an unexpected revelation by one spouse that the couple’s supposed bond of mutual trust was nothing but a sham, the healing period may take longer. The length of the marriage and the particular complexities of the relationship may also contribute to a longer healing period. Nonetheless, this is a time during which growth takes place and past demons are put to rest permanently.

As a result, there inevitably comes a new light of day. Unhealthy past attachments are shed, and the spirit is progressively freed to explore new vistas. This is not a smooth transition but one that is filled with hills and valleys, as new levels of understanding are explored and learned. Furthermore, some people are strong enough to admit that they may benefit from the help of a professional therapist during the transition. Whether they are residents of Florida or another state, most divorce participants who obtain counseling agree that the benefits can be important to maintaining steady success and emotional growth in the future.

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