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December 17, 2015.
posted in Divorce

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What is the biggest cause of divorce? Is it basic incompatibility? No, researchers have found that it is money issues. The issue of financial security, or the lack of it, has led many promising marital unions into the hallways of divorce court, both here in Florida and throughout the country.

The fascinating part of that fact, according to one financial planner who specializes in divorce, is that women almost always end up with less available money after divorce, which is the logical result of going back to becoming a single-wage earner. Somewhat amazingly, however, is the finding that the great majority of those women are happier and feel more financially secure after the divorce and with less money. It seems that the tensions of two people dealing with the money in the marriage are exponentially greater than when a single sole is fending for herself.

The same operating principle likely applies also to men after divorce. With fewer financial obligations and without the need to perform with exemplary financial results, men are likely to feel relieved, more secure, and happier after divorce. Of course, that is not to say that a compatible couple that has their financial house in order during the marriage is going to feel a need to divorce and become single planners for the sake of greater independence of spirit.

Both nationally and here in Florida, marriage and family are indeed the bedrock of societal living for many good reasons. Nonetheless, it is also true that where a parting of the ways becomes a necessity, the return to physical and financial independence is just the ticket for at least some people after a divorce. People in that situation sometimes find that security and happiness are not directly related to how much money pours into one’s accounts. The ability to function in a different mindset with different needs and goals will likely steer many persons to find more security after a divorce than they felt that they had during the marriage.

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