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February 17, 2016.
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On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

The terms of settlement agreements in celebrity divorces are often similar to the thousands of other divorces finalized in Florida and other states throughout the year.  The celebrity settlements will likely involve bigger dollar figures, but the actual terms and remedies incorporated in the agreement may be quite similar across the board. This may be illustrated by the recent celebrity divorce of actress Hilary Duff from former hockey player Mike Comrie.

Both parties are likely to be millionaires in their own right, which may in a sense equalize their situations, making it unnecessary for either party to hold out for outrageous or oppressive demands against the other. Their division of the real estate is a rather simple transaction: Duff will keep their marital home in Beverly Hills and will pay Comrie $2.4 million for his ownership interest. That is a common provision in many divorces, even though the amount of money being transferred will not usually be as high as it is here.

The two have agreed to engage in shared parenting of their 3-year-old son. Neither shall pay child support to the other. The shared parenting concept is trending throughout the country and could likely be the tide of the future, according to the studies and reports of expert commentators and academicians. It involves what it says: the parents work together in a cooperative partnership to allow the child to have an equally in-depth relationship with each parent.

The husband will keep a Bentley coupe, a Mercedes Benz G-Class SUV, and a jewelry collection. Other than the exclusiveness of the two vehicles, the general terms for splitting up personal property are fairly standard fare. In addition, the couple has either gone way out to portray a friendly camaraderie between them, or it is true that they remain great friends. Their continuing friendship is certainly in keeping with their agreement for shared parenting. All in all, these are all fairly standard provisions and expressions that may be seen in a typical divorce filed and finalized here in Florida.

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