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March 11, 2016.
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Many months are typically spent on preparations for a wedding because it is such a major event in a couple’s life. However, even though a divorce is equally important, some Florida couples may rush into it without proper preparation. Decisions made during the time leading up to a divorce can determine a person’s post-divorce financial stability.

Some suggest that certain steps can be taken in preparation for a consultation with a divorce attorney. The dynamics of every family are unique, and being fully informed about the financial aspects of the marriage will be an advantage. Financial documents with notes of any passwords required to access them can be copied and stored in a safe place. Along with household accounts, these must include bank statements, credit card statements, retirement and brokerage statements, real estate documents, and tax returns.

A credit report can be drawn to check liability for debts, as debts jointly incurred will remain the responsibility of both parties. It may be wise to obtain a personal credit card during this time, as retaining joint credit cards until the divorce date may be a way to keep an eye on a spouse’s spending but also may be a means of accruing more debt. Beneficiaries of savings plans and insurance policies must also be reviewed to ensure minor children are protected.

These are but some of the issues that can be addressed in preparation for a divorce. When a person feels overwhelmed and unsure of how to go about gathering the required information, an experienced Florida divorce lawyer can provide guidance and support. A lawyer can also suggest the best way forward after assessing the circumstances and can explain the legal proceedings that will follow.

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