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October 21, 2016.
posted in Divorce

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For many Florida residents, the sheer multitude of changes that come with ending a marriage can feel overwhelming. Many dread having to downsize from their marital home into a smaller property or less elaborate living arrangements. It is important for spouses to remember that there are a number of benefits associated with downsizing after a divorce, many of which will support the creation of a fuller and happier life in the years to come.

The most obvious benefit of downsizing to a smaller or simpler home is cost. Whether renting or buying, the monthly payment for the smaller property is almost universally less expensive than for a large family home. That leaves more room in a newly divorced person’s budget for saving, investing or pursuing other interests. Financial stability is an important consideration in the months and years that follow a divorce, and reduced housing costs can help support attaining that goal.

A more practical consideration is the fact that maintaining and operating a smaller household takes less time and effort. It is easier to clean a smaller space than a large family home, and there may also be fewer things to maintain. For those who rent, maintenance issues will become the duty of the landlord, leaving the tenant free to pursue other interests instead of pricing out repairs or working on the property.

As with so many things related to divorce, downsizing is largely a matter of perspective. Rather than looking at the move as some sort of step down, newly divorced Florida house hunters should think about all the benefits associated with living in a smaller home. It is also important to note that the living arrangements that immediately follow a divorce are not permanent solutions;  they are merely a stepping stone to a new future that has yet to be discovered.

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