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December 15, 2016.
posted in Divorce

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One of the biggest fallacies involving the choice to dissolve a marriage is that the decision was an easy one to reach. In reality, by the time one or both Florida spouses decide to file the paperwork, months or even years were spent weighing the options and making the determination to end the marriage. In states where couples face a lengthy mandatory waiting period before their divorce can be made final, the process can be overwhelmingly negative.

One state recently signed new legislation that would cut the mandatory waiting period for contested divorce from two years down to just one. That change could have a positive impact on couples who are preparing to file for divorce, as they no longer will be required to remain in limbo for two years after filing. That means they will be able to work toward the resolution of property division and child custody issues during a one-year span of time, which is far more manageable.

Mandatory waiting periods are the result of a belief that by placing obstacles in the path of individuals who are seeking a divorce, more marriages can be saved. In reality, however, there is little research or data to support that belief. In fact, what is known is that a long waiting period only serves to complicate the lives of those who are left in a state of legal purgatory as they wait for the clock to run out.

Florida residents who are considering a move to a different state should take the time to understand how the current divorce law could impact their financial and personal lives. This is especially true for couples who are going through a rough patch in their marriage, and for whom divorce is a distinct possibility. Each state has a unique set of rules and regulations when it comes to divorce, some of which are more favorable to certain circumstances than others.

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