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December 02, 2016.
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When a Florida marriage is headed toward divorce, parents are often concerned over how the change in family status will affect their children. While there is no cut-and-dried solution to ensure that children thrive during and after a divorce, there are multiple approaches that parents can take to help ease the way. A recently published article highlights the role that the family pediatrician can play during a family law case.

A pediatrician has the professional obligation to place the best interests of the child at the center of any and all efforts to assist the family. This provides a neutral and objective perspective that can help parents determine how to best meet the needs of their shared children. This is especially true in cases where a family has used the same pediatrician for a number of years, and where the children have developed a relationship with the physician.

Parents can begin by scheduling their child’s annual physical to coincide with the early stages of divorce. Discuss the matter with the pediatrician, and ask for his or her assistance in determining any special needs that may arise during the divorce process. That allows the practitioner the opportunity to provide a thorough screening in light of the changes that the family is going through.

Pediatricians have a wide range of professional contacts and can provide referrals to counselors, social workers, or psychiatrists as needed. Those resources can make a world of difference to Florida parents who are going through a family law case. Working together to ensure that each child has the support that he or she needs during this challenging time is an excellent way to begin the co-parenting relationship.

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