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January 18, 2017.
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For some Florida spouses, the end of a marriage is the perfect opportunity to wage war against their soon-to-be ex. In fact, some people create an entire “revenge narrative” around their¬†divorce, making every decision based on how much pain or damage can be caused to the other party. While doing so may feel good in the short term, there is a risk that taking such an aggressive stance will only serve to hurt one’s interests in the long run.

Decisions that are made from a place of emotion are rarely wise. That is especially true when it comes to matters of property division and child custody. Choices that impact kids and money will have lasting ramifications and should be considered as objectively as possible.

One way to ensure that emotion does not overrule reason during a divorce is to commit to working with a therapist throughout the divorce process. That allows a spouse the chance to vent anger, frustration, and fears in a safe place. A counselor can also help spouses learn new coping skills to deal with stress and uncertainties, which can be beneficial long after the divorce is complete. Having the chance to work through one’s emotions with a professional counselor can make it easier to make decisions related to the divorce with a clear head.

Florida spouses should keep in mind that while their divorce will only last for a few months, the results of the decisions made during that period of time will last for many years to come. Making choices that are in line with one’s long-term goals, and also with the best interests of shared children, is the most advantageous approach. And, as the old saying goes, living well really is the best form of revenge, and wise decision-making during a divorce can make for a better life in the years that follow.

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