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March 03, 2017.
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For some couples, making the decision to divorce is not difficult. What poses a challenge is making the seemingly endless number of decisions that must be made to complete the divorce process. That can be even more true for Florida spouses who share children. When it comes to family law issues surrounding shared parenting and divorce, timing can make a world of difference.

One of the primary timing concerns that parents face is when to broach the subject of divorce. Some feel that summer vacation is the best time, as there are more opportunities to sit down and talk about divorce and custody schedules one-on-one with each child. Others, however, feel that the middle of the school year is a better time, since kids will be busy with academic and other obligations, and will have those routines to provide comfort and a sense of stability in their lives.

In reality, the timing of these discussions is less important than reaching a place where both parents agree on how to proceed. Co-parenting will require many different joint efforts, both large and small. The decision on how to discuss divorce with the kids is the first step in that process, and a powerful opportunity to set the tone.

For those in Florida who are confident that they will be able to work together with their spouse to move through the divorce process, collaborative law might be a good fit. By deciding to make decisions together and with the best interests of the children at the center of the process, parents can often move through their family law issues with less contention than those who pursue a litigated divorce. That is an outcome that has numerous benefits for both parents and children.

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