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April 14, 2017.
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Regardless of one’s political loyalties, there can be little doubt that the current administration’s immigration policies are creating quite a stir. For those in Florida who are engaged to be married and are hoping for a green card, fears of immigration changes can lead to a great deal of anxiety. Some have even chosen to speed up their wedding plans, in the hopes of getting closer to a green card before any unexpected changes might take place. That can lead to a number of family law issues.

For one, the process of obtaining a green card is not as simple as many people believe. Immigration officials will comb over every detail of a couple’s lives to ensure that the union is legitimate. A rush to the altar is sure to be a red flag and could cause an immigration official to take an even closer look at the couple.

For those couples who want to include a prenup in their wedding planning, things can be even more complicated. The mere existence of a prenuptial agreement can make it seem as though a marriage is not based on love, but is more of a business deal. That is not to say that an immigrant should not pursue a prenuptial agreement, but those documents need to be very carefully drafted, and the couple should be prepared to discuss their reasons for seeking a prenup in detail.

For those in Florida who are preparing to marry and are concerned about obtaining a green card, the best way to proceed is to work with a family law attorney who is familiar with these issues. By paying close attention to the details and knowing what to expect, a couple can move through the process with more confidence and lower levels of anxiety. After all, getting married should be a time of great joy, not a reason for undue stress.

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