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May 22, 2017.
posted in Domestic Violence

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The issue of domestic violence remains significant in many areas of the United States, including Florida. When a celebrity is accused of domestic assault, word travels fast. Such is the case for WWE star, Adam Rose (stage name) after a recent incident involving his wife.

Rose’s real name is Raymond Leppan. Many are aware of the wrestling star’s troubled past. As a South African wrestler who fled home at the mere age of 14 to live on the streets, it is apparently not the first time he has faced tremendous adversity in life. Recent charges against Rose were filed after he allegedly grabbed his wife’s face during an argument.

In addition to battery charges, the athlete/entertainer is also accused of tampering with a witness, which stems from his allegedly preventing his wife from making a phone call to 911 moments after the supposed altercation occurred. Rose is being held in jail without bond. The recent developments took place about a month after he was suspended for violations of the WWE Talent Wellness Program. This program is independently administered and tests brain function, physical health, and also for evidence of drug use.

Just because someone is accused of domestic assault in Florida does not mean that a conviction will be handed down in court. An accusation is nothing more than that — a formal charge that must be proved in court before any finding of guilt is possible. Every situation is different, and a careful investigation of an incident often helps determine its outcome. Understandably, it is advisable to retain experienced legal guidance in order to prepare a strong defense.

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