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June 30, 2017.
posted in Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence charges have the potential to seriously change a person’s life. In addition to the criminal penalties — including jail or prison time, probation and others — people can face social and economic consequences. For example, even allegations of domestic violence can result in child custody changes and protective orders. These types of civil actions can mean that people won’t be allowed near their homes or children.

This can be extremely disruptive to a person’s life. Domestic violence charges can also have an effect on a person’s job and ability to earn a living.

One Florida resident has recently been charged with murder after family violence occurred. According to police, the 57-year-old woman is accused of shooting her partner of 30 years. Police claim that the woman shot her 59-year-old partner in the home the two women shared. Relatives of the couple claimed that the pair had been having relationship problems for some time before the incident.

While consequences to domestic violence — like that seen in this case — can be immediate, that does not mean that a person that is facing domestic violence charges is guilty. In fact with these types of allegations, it can often be difficult to determine who was right and who was wrong and if charges should be brought at all. While initially, the police may charge one person, with the right criminal defense, people can share their story and get the charges dropped.

There are defense strategies that can be used to help a person’s case. In some situations, the violence may have been in self-defense, for example. If people are only trying to protect themselves from harm, and end up hurting their family members in the process, charges against them may end up being dropped.

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