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June 14, 2017.
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Although child support proceedings in Florida and every other state can involve fathers or mothers who callously choose to elude paying support for their children, such cases are fortunately a small minority of the large number of parents who pay support or who sincerely strive to keep up with the payments. There are some parents who in good faith want to pay reasonable child support, but who are blocked by economic and social factors. In one state, an innovative program has been developed to assist those who are truly struggling in paying their support obligations.

A branch of the family law court was established to coordinate various programs to assist parents to become economically viable enough to help support their children. The office coordinates its efforts with government employment services, community agencies, veterans agencies, and other pertinent services. Many organizations and employers are also enrolled in the program to assist parents in obtaining regular employment, job placement, and skills learning.

The office provides practice and training in job interviews, resumes, and how to generally handle oneself when job hunting. In general, the court program seeks to combat all of the obstacles that prevent parents from becoming financially independent and responsible enough to handle the demands of regular child support payments. Mainly, the focus is on a wide variety of programs designed to stimulate stable job environments for mothers and fathers.

Florida counties do not engage in a highly focused and organized program to introduce parents into the economic fabric of the community. It is necessary for a state to maintain the strong enforcement measures that have always been at the center of child support enforcement policies. However, it is also apparent that there are many parents who are potentially predisposed to want to cooperate in supporting their children but who have, without fault of their own, run into financial limitations and familiar cycles of poverty that stifle the human spirit. Where feasible, governmental intervention to help alleviate such roadblocks may be a valuable tool in future court systems.

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