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January 18, 2018.
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If you live in South Florida, you are probably familiar with the hurricane season and how devastating it can be. As with every natural disaster, you need a survival kit to weather the storm. The same thing is true for divorce. It is definitely like a storm hitting a house but the damages are all based on how prepared you are. An experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney can provide you with the tools you need to get through your divorce.

It’s All About Routines

Life can become a routine and that’s not exactly a bad thing. Establishing new routines will help you forget old ones. You will miss the little things your former spouse used to do for you but soon it will all become a memory, hopefully, a good one. You got this! If your marriage was a disaster, this a good time to take a break and get your energy back. You don’t have to become a superhuman in order to figure out your new routines. They will come naturally.

Emotions Gone Wild

Start connecting with other people and forget about your crazy former spouse. Surround yourself with positive people that will encourage you no matter what. You don’t want your divorce to become a war zone. You can control negative emotions and focus on the good things of life. Be strong and take courage! Emotions can be very unstable after a breakup. Never rely on them, but rather ask your Fort Lauderdale family attorney about your legal options.

Some divorcees turn to family, close friends, and counselors to help them cope with divorce. Sharing your feelings can be very helpful. Remember your emotions are not facts, they come and go. There are many healthy activities that will help you cope with mood swings. Whether that includes art, listening to music, reading, or simply napping, keep yourself busy with the things you enjoy.

Handling Emergencies

Pick another emergency responder. If your former spouse was not good at responding to an emergency call, even after calling seven times, it will not be too hard to pick up a substitute on a temporary or permanent basis, depending on skills and reliability. Whatever you do, don’t turn to your ex for help. Worst-case scenario, there is always YouTube and eHow available 24/7.

You’re Happily Ever After Here

Being a single parent can be a rewarding experience. Single parents often have more bonding time and alone time with their children. They can arrange their schedule without having to consult with their former spouse. Many divorced women say prefer being on their own since they have one less child to care for. The same can be true for some single dads. There is also less arguing and a big happy family. Some family relations can be toxic therefore a calmer household becomes necessary.

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