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February 23, 2018.
posted in Child Support

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If you follow sports religiously, you’ll notice many professional athletes receive multimillion-dollar deals. The organizations most commonly brought up in major contract announcements include the NFL, NBA, and MLB. The great thing about being a single professional sports athlete is the amount of attention received from the opposite sex. One thing leads to another, and now there’s a child needing care.

Another great thing about making $30 million a year? You get to shortchange your kids. Or at least that’s what one professional athlete believes he’ll get away with doing.

Time and time again, we see movie stars and professional athletes embroiled in child support issues. Millions and millions of dollars are made annually, and these people complain about paying 10% of their salary when many state laws allow much more to be taken. It’s a disgrace to hard-working parents. It throws a good Fort Lauderdale child support attorney into an angry rage.

What can professional athletes complaining about child support teach us?

Millionaires Are (Almost) Untouchable in Support Matters

Regular folks ordered to pay child support from their $30,000 salaries have income ‘imputed’, which in layman’s terms means drug through a calculation process to determine what the custodial parent will receive. The goal of this calculation is to equalize the custodial parent’s need with the noncustodial parent’s ability to provide. Multimillionaires taken to court aren’t usually subjected to the same calculation standards.

Policymakers believe that children don’t actually need $20,000 a month in child support regardless of what their noncustodial parent makes. The millionaires’ attorneys believe children don’t deserve the good life when their father or mother makes enough to offer it. At least that’s how it appears.

Losing Pro Salaries May Not Lower Support

Here’s a bit of bittersweet irony for custodial parents: that monstrous monthly child support payment may not be lowered should professional players lose their salary. This alone could throw broke players into arrears exceeding six figures within months. So, how do custodial parents collect from unemployed players?

When there’s no money, there are always assets. With the help of a Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer, custodial parents may be rocking a Maserati. Or a couple of beach houses.

One particular NFL player, ordered to pay $9,007 per month, is petitioning a judge to lower his monthly obligation although he is believed to be living a lavish lifestyle. History predicts he’ll get his modification.

Professionals Abuse Child Support, Too

What’s a great way to spend your $14,735 in court-ordered support? Why pamper your new girlfriend.

The estranged wife of one WWE wrestler is receiving only $6,000 per month, or 2 ½ times less than the wrestler is ordered to pay. A recent audit of his spending proved he bought niceties like jewelry, miniature horses and dropped thousands on bar tabs – all for the glory of his new girlfriend. Meanwhile, yet another child is losing an opportunity to have everything their heart desires.

Don’t Be Like Professionals

As statistics and news stories dictate, child support laws don’t seem to apply to privileged individuals.

Normal parents with children know every penny that is earned should go to either the housing, food, clothing, education, and general happiness of our kids. When noncustodial parents don’t pay, they’ll always be a child support attorney Fort Lauderdale ‘normal parents’ can hire to enforce orders.

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