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March 22, 2018.
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Those of us who are “seasoned” have vivid memories of sitting quietly at tainted wooden desks in some backwoods classroom, armed with three methods of getting an education – teacher, chalkboard, and a textbook. We read about foreign lands in our geography books; we were called upon to do tricky mathematical equations on the board.

Today’s technologically advanced child doesn’t understand the gritty side of education, thereby requiring special tools to succeed each school year.  Here are some creative ways to spend your child support payments, brought to you by one premier child support lawyer in Fort Lauderdale.

Team Management Space

Team collaboration is crucial to school performance these days, and especially important if one hopes to achieve better grades and more in-depth learning. Yet, many old school teachers and educators consider team collaboration to be a passing phase and yet another buzzword flagrantly added to the educational lexicon.

Collaboration is the glue that holds together not only young students, businesses, and organizations but our entire society – therefore, if children have team projects due for school or simply wish to form a collaborative study group, buying something cloud-based where kids can share docs and information is vital in this generation.

Study Desk w/Computer

Kids always bringing studies home is actually much riskier than studying quietly in class. There can be a lot of distractions, such as family members, pets, television, and the temptation to catch a quick hour of Call of Duty. If you have pre-school kids still home, they can be an older school kid’s biggest diversion, as these little ones would never want to leave their side the whole time. However, investing in a study desk could solve that problem.

Our Fort Lauderdale child support attorney agrees that with the right student desk, computer setup, and equipment necessary to conduct wholesome research, kids can easily close their door and let the world rot while they drown in homework.

An iPod – of Sorts

The iPod has revolutionized the music industry throughout the world. Now instead of going to a music store to buy music, children can merely use Apple’s iTunes software and buy music wherever they are. This iTunes can be used also to transfer files from one’s computers to the iPod and arrange them according to one’s desires. It also doubles into a mass storage device for all their homework assignments.

The music is available for free or at a small price, which is cool for you since you can essentially control how much gets spent. Consider this over some generic MP3 players because the sound quality and file transfer capabilities are more refined with Apple.

Plagiarism Checker

Whether someone asked your kids to copy projects from other sources or is currently copying their work, plagiarism will be discovered.  To help combat this evil deed, kids need some type of software or online program that can help safeguard their work, says our expert Fort Lauderdale child support attorney.

For example, many currently use Grammarly for their plagiarism detection needs.  It’s affordable for parents, college students and advanced degree enrollees, and just may save kids from the embarrassment that comes with turning in assignments that aren’t really theirs. Instead of running your kids at the risk of expulsion, it’s strongly suggested you invest in some type of plagiarism detection for them.

Killer Education Apps

Content-rich, useful yet technologically ‘handy’ applications are probably more necessary for those students on the go than anything. Literally, thousands of educational apps are available at different app stores, with skilled programming gurus producing newer apps for the already flooded education market daily. Many of these applications are designed for students needing to chat with parents, catch up with schoolwork or simply stay abreast of school happenings.

Since everyone under the sun older than 13 has some form of mobile device, make sure the proper apps are loaded onto it for the upcoming school year. Make sure, too, that some kind of safety app is downloaded should your kids lose their phone, as suggested by our Fort Lauderdale child support attorney.

School Supplies

Another obvious (yet deeply hated) part of school involves battling 300 other angry moms in Walmart to find school supplies mandated by schools across the United States. From pencils to pens, scientific calculators to protractors, every child old and young will need something for each class they attend.

Most parents are growing wise by shopping online for these supplies, acquiring their school’s lists from the respective website. Regardless of what route you take, keep your kid’s knees deep in paper and folders for the remaining school months, and beyond.

Also, make sure you’re able to grab Word or something similar so kids can write essays, dissertations, or whatnot. With Windows getting updated frequently, perhaps you’d better make sure whatever program you choose for kids can execute on that platform – which Office and free open-source programs often stay abreast of changes to OS.

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