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March 09, 2018.
posted in Property Division

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So, your ‘happily ever after turned out to be another disappointment. You’ve decided leaving would improve your chances to regain sanity, and put your children in better positions to succeed. However, your spouse simply doesn’t want to be left without something to start over with. In your mind, it’s hurt them where it hurts most since they’ve destroyed your trust, and ultimately, the marriage.

Property division is one contentious area of marriage dissolutions your Fort Lauderdale property division attorney may attempt to handle through several mediation meetings. This can promote peace.

Come to think of it, having divorce proceedings end peacefully does sound nice, right? Here’s how fair division of assets, including property, can help keep two people at peace with each other.

Keeps Children’s Emotions Leveled

Kids are emotional timebombs when parents decide to end their union. Especially true if there’s an equal attachment to both parents. Mom and dad would rather avoid dragging marriages through courts and avoid the stress that comes with dealing with children fighting to keep parents under the same roof.

Want this process to go smoothly for kids? Don’t squabble over trivial items.

If there are two houses, give each party one. This allows children equal parenting time, which is another component of children’s mental stability. The same goes for cars, boats, and similarly large assets. Splitting items equally allows each person, regardless of who’s at fault, the opportunity to start their lives anew. And it keeps kids from seeing open expressions of hatred towards each other, too.

Gives Each Person ‘Comfort Items’ to Begin Closure

If you’re not interested in fishing, why keep the fishing poles? Should your husband or wife love working out, but you’re only a seasonal health nut, why deny them their Peloton? Everyone has items they turn to which help them decompress, perhaps called ‘comfort items’. Tools for woodworking, special gardening items for planting flower beds, and so forth.

Taking away someone’s comfort means you’re wanting this process to drag on. Since mediation is required in contested divorces, each person would submit their demands to each other. After haggling back and forth, an agreement is reached which makes each party (close to) happy. That agreement is submitted to the court by your Fort Lauderdale property division lawyer and entered into the record.

Why make an already difficult process harder by denying each other right to closure? Let the man-fish, woman exercise and each person will heal accordingly.

Remember, Divorce Shouldn’t Be That Dish Best Served Cold

Both parties are bitter. The process couldn’t be over with fast enough. Everyone’s grabbing cash, assets, memoirs, even the entryway rug. Hurt people think they’re entitled to everything, but what bitter spouses don’t realize is how badly children hurt when damage is added to more damage.

There’s an amicable way to handle property division that, when followed judiciously, will promote peace within this marital division. Children would much rather both parents come out evenly because there’s nothing worse on kids than watching mom or dad needlessly suffer.

Be considerate, and split assets evenly with a skilled Fort Lauderdale property division attorney helping out where possible. And remember, the colder you treat your spouse, the colder your children may become toward you.

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