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April 19, 2018.
posted in Child Support

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As a non-resident divorced parent, child support must be paid, and failure to meet this obligation is taken very seriously by Florida courts. However, this does not stop numerous parents from attempting to avoid their responsibility to provide for their child by refusing to pay the child support they owe. Take, for example, the paddleboarder who disappeared from Fort Lauderdale Beach in March. Constantine Theoharis, who has two teenage sons with his ex-wife, was last seen entering the ocean on his paddleboard on March 20. It has since come to light that Theoharis owes around $500,000 in missed child support payments, and was scheduled to appear in front of a Broward County judge that same day. Theoharis’ brother has speculated that he may have deliberately gone missing through fear of being sent to prison over his $549,351 outstanding child support.

Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Mr. Theoharis is requested to contact Detective Juan Cabrera on 954-828-5581.

Owed Child Support? A Fort Lauderdale Attorney Could Help

When your former spouse has refused to pay the child support they owe, it can feel as though your children are being rejected, never mind the financial hardship you may be experiencing. You know, and your former spouse probably knows, that what they are doing is illegal and, by failing to provide for their children’s basic needs, he or she is in direct contravention of Florida law. As it is generally best to keep your relationship as amicable as possible for the sake of the children, who have already experienced the turmoil of divorcing parents if talking about the issue has not resolved it, you could benefit from the legal expertise of a Fort Lauderdale child support attorney.

If your former spouse’s financial circumstances have changed, a child support modification may be possible and, again, a Fort Lauderdale attorney can help you to reach a solution that is acceptable to both of you. However, if your former spouse is outright refusing to meet their child support obligations, you may need to take legal action. An experienced Fort Lauderdale child support lawyer, and a local child support office, can help you recover the support you and your children are due. Even where your former spouse has moved out of Florida, steps can be taken to legally recover missed child support payments, under the terms of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act.

When a non-resident parent has failed to meet their Florida child support obligations, the penalties which may be enforced include:

  • Suspension of their driver’s license
  • Fines
  • Seizure of their bank account
  • Prison sentence

Speak to a Fort Lauderdale Child Support Attorney Today to Recover Missed Payments

A dedicated Fort Lauderdale child support attorney is always ready and willing to help you recover the child support payments you are owed. Before we can act on your behalf, we will need all details of your child support arrangements, and the amounts outstanding.

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