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August 11, 2018.
posted in Divorce

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If you are currently going through a divorce, you have most likely heard and read tons of advice from both competent and clueless people about how to survive your divorce.

One of the most difficult stages of any divorce proceedings is surviving a divorce mediation conversation with your spouse. Sure, not all spouses seeking divorce hate each other’s guts, but the vast majority of divorcing couples do. They just cannot stand one another.

You have probably heard stories of people turning their divorce mediations into complete chaos full of insults, disparaging comments, verbal and even physical attacks. “If you fail to keep it together and maintain composure, you and your spouse may end up spending hours of pointing the finger of blame during a divorce meditation,” warns our divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale from The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. “And that is NOT the purpose of mediation.”

Why You Need to Survive A Mediation

To make the divorce mediation process work and obtain a divorce decree as soon as possible, you must keep a divorce mediation conversation with your spouse civil. It may be difficult to keep calm and be polite to someone who, for whatever reason, ruined your marriage, but you need to do whatever it takes to make mediation work.

Our experienced divorce lawyer in Fort Lauderdale explains that mediation keeps you out of court and allows you to reach an agreement with your spouse without having to spend thousands of dollars on trial and attorney fees. In addition to that, medication gives you more control over the outcome of your divorce, and you will not have to wait for months or even years to put an end to your marriage.

Since surviving a divorce medication conversation is so critical, we have outlined several tips to help you approach that conversation with the right mindset and maintain your composure throughout the divorce.

5 Tips to Keep Calm During A Divorce Mediation

Never lie. Dr. House from the iconic TV show may have famously said, “Everybody lies,” but you should definitely refrain from lying during divorce mediation. It is critical to be honest about every detail of your marriage, as falsely accusing your spouse of something and making up stories will not get you far. Honesty is key to accomplishing progress in a divorce mediation conversation. So be honest about your work, income, assets, property, relationship with the children, and other aspects of your marriage.

Never interrupt your spouse: Yes, we get it. Sometimes it is impossible to resist the urge to interrupt someone whose opinion is not in line with yours (especially when that person’s opinion could have a long-lasting effect on your post-divorce life), but it is never advised to interrupt your spouse during a mediation. “What you need to understand about a mediation conversation is that both you and your spouse will get a chance to speak,” says our Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney. “So if you do not agree with your spouse about something, wait for your turn to speak out.”

Never raise your voice: Raising your voice lets your opponent know that you are losing the battle. Do not give your spouse that pleasure. Keep your voice down throughout the mediation and stay calm. Raising a voice and yelling is for the weak. You are better than that. On top of that, by raising your voice you signal to your spouse that he or she has hit a sore spot.

Think twice, and then say: Being in the same room with your spouse during a mediation conversation in the absence of your lawyer is a big mistake, as many people do not think carefully before saying certain things. You need to consult with your attorney about what you should and should not say during a mediation.

Never resort to insults and verbal or physical attacks: The worst thing you can do is start insulting your spouse or resorting to verbal or physical attacks during a mediation. Failure to keep your emotions under control can result in your loss.

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