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August 25, 2018.
posted in Divorce

On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

Divorce can sometimes be inevitable. Things don’t always work out in relationships. It could’ve been caused by anything. Maybe there was infidelity. Perhaps the compatibility was just not there. Unfortunately, it had to end in divorce. Divorce can be a very messy and stressful situation. Even if you and your former spouse are on amicable terms. Most times this isn’t the case. Something big caused the divorce. A recent study has been done by Florida State University. The results from this study can help us to identify psychological factors that impact infidelity, which is one of the most common reasons for divorce.

FSU conducted research a few months ago on predictors for failed relationships and how to keep relationships going. This study revealed factors and psychological responses that help people to avoid infidelity. The data was derived from 233 newlywed couples for a 3.5-year study. The main factors this study looked at were attentional disengagement and evaluative devaluation of potential romantic partners.

Couples were shown pictures of attractive and average-looking people. Disengagement meant that the individual would direct their attention away from attractive people who they would likely see as romantic partners. Devaluation meant that the individual mentally diminished or dismissed someone’s attractiveness. If an individual had quick disengagement of the photo, then they were less likely to commit infidelity in a relationship. If the individual took longer to look away from the photo, then they were more like to commit infidelity in a relationship.

All the data concludes that faithful people evaluated the photos more negatively than those who didn’t. Disengagement and devaluation lead to lower rates of infidelity and a higher success rate of the relationship. These findings could help people remain in relationships, ultimately leading to a lower divorce rate. The whole process of disengagement and devaluation with the photographs is very subconscious and is shaped by biology and/or early childhood experiences.

The study also found other predictors for infidelity. For example, the research found that younger people tended to be more unsatisfied with their relationships, thus leading them to cheat. Something surprising to not was that people who were more satisfied with the sex life in the relationship were more likely to cheat. They had an overall positive view of sex and would seek it out even if their main relationship was fine. Men who had more short-term partners before the relationship were found more likely to engage in infidelity. With women, however, the more short-term partners they had the more likely they wouldn’t engage in infidelity.

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