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November 17, 2018.
posted in Divorce

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When people make the choice to get married, they do so because they are in love. The last thing they are thinking about is what they will do if they have to separate. The focus should be on how to keep the marriage strong.
Well, finances should be given a long and hard look before tying the knot. According to personal finance author Suze Orman, your partner’s credit history should be in play.

“Before you ever say I do, you better know your spouse…their FICO score, their credit reports, you better be looking at their financial habits,” she says.
Bad financial habits are hard to break and are the root of many divorces. You should also consider that any debt accumulated while married is probably going to end up being a joint debt. In a divorce, it is going to get split between the two of you. Debt and assets are just one aspect of a divorce. Do you know where to turn for help when you need it?
If you need a Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney, turn to the Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances for help.

What Is At Stake?

There is no such thing as a “typical” divorce. Each one is unique, with two people with specific needs.
Is the divorce going to be uncontested or contested?
Often, the two spouses are able to settle things amicably. If they agree on pretty much every issue, an uncontested divorce can be a smooth way to reach a quicker resolution. It is still wise to have a qualified attorney to make sure everything is settled appropriately.
If a divorce is going to be contested, things can get complicated, as there are many issues that need to be worked out.

  • Property and asset division – the goal is an equitable distribution of all assets, but this will look different in every case. It needs to be as fair as possible and includes all joint property, most property obtained during the marriage, as well as the marital home. It also includes joint bank accounts, retirement accounts, and investment accounts.
  • Debts – debts acquired during the marriage will also need to be split. This includes loans, mortgages, credit card debt, etc.
  • Child custody and support – if children are involved, both legal and physical custody needs to be settled as well as child support payment arrangements.
  • Alimony – one spouse may be required to make payments to the other in order to allow the other party to maintain a lifestyle they were used to during the marriage.

These are some of the main issues that will be settled in a divorce, but please seek a qualified attorney to help you with your specific case.

What You Can Do

They know that going through a divorce is incredibly difficult. It is not something you wanted to be doing and they know that your life cannot come to a standstill while you are going through the process. Turn to The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. for help. You will find a qualified team to walk you through every aspect of divorce. They will ensure you are treated fairly. When you need a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale, you can contact them by clicking here or calling 954-533-2756 for a free consultation.

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