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December 29, 2018.
posted in Property Division

On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

On top of the heartbreak knowing that your relationship is coming to an end, you now have to deal with the complications of divorce. Divorce is never an easy thing. It is hard to separate emotions from the memories you shared with your partner, and the material manifestation of those memories in the form of gifts, combined purchases, property, and other assets. Everything you tough was something you thought about together or purchased for the pleasure of your partner. You and your partner worked hard on buying houses or cars and now that all has to be divided in some way that makes you happy, but during this time nothing is going to make you happy because divorce is not a happy time. So what help can you get in dealing with this? What can ease your mind and ensure that you are getting everything that you think you deserve?

First, hire a property division attorney. The purpose of a property division lawyer is to assure that you get a portion of the property and assets that are reflective of your work in the relationship. Some state court systems believe in a straight 50/50 split to property, finances, debts, and assets. This is not the case for Florida. In this state, the courts look for an equitable split of property. This means that there is room for negotiations or discernment in the judge’s favor. Even though this sounds like a good idea, it can sometimes backfire.

Here are two tips to help you navigate your way through property division in your divorce:

Repeat to yourself: equitable does not mean even split. This is important because the judge ruling over your case does not care about your emotional state. He/She does not care if you bought at a certain time for a certain reason. Instead, the court will take a much colder approach. With that being said, if there is something that is deeply emotional to you it is best if you try to communicate that with your partner. Our Property Division Attorney can lead through alternative approaches such as mediation or can act as a liaison for you to ask your partner. We can make a way for communication to happen if it means that much to you.

Do not try to hide anything: Hiding accounts, property, or assets not only looks really bad in court, but it also shows that you are not being honest. Since courts have discretionary power, you may suffer the consequences of the court which would result in losing those hidden accounts or property.

Call 954-533-2756 or click here to start a conversation with our property division attorney at The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale. We know that no material thing can replace the love you shared with your partner, but there is no sense in giving up everything due to temporary heartbreak. We are ready to represent you and help you go through the hard stuff in the divorce.

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