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February 09, 2019.
posted in Child Support

On behalf of The Law Office of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A.

There have been too many stories about how one spouse refuses to pay child support or is unable to pay child support. Those who have never been through child support may think that child support is an evil way to punish the parents who got divorced, that child support is assigned regardless of how much you make, and that people will go poor due to child support. There is a lot of misinformation about child support out there. So our child support lawyer at The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. in Ft. Lauderdale is here to clean up some of the misconceptions about child support.

Myth #1: If You Make More Money Then You Will Be The One Who Provides Child Support

Truth: Yes and no. Child support is decided with time sharing in mind. If you make less money and don’t see the child all the time you will still be asked to pay some kind of child support. However, if the child spends equal nights with each parent then no child support will be assigned. If the child spends more nights with one parent then the parent who spends less time with the child will have to provide child support.

Myth #2: Child Support Is For Food and Clothes Mostly

Truth: So far from the truth. Child support is meant to help support the child all around which means that it includes bills beyond just food and clothes. Child support also includes health and dental bills. Keeping a record of all the bills for health and dental is important because it can provide a more detailed understanding of the financial strain of those bills as well. Certain funds from child support may be allocated for those bills only.

Myth #3: The Courts Choose An Arbitrary Amount

Truth: The courts do not choose an arbitrary amount. If that were the case then more children would be cushioned by child support. The courts look at the net income of each parent. This means that after deductions and bills from the gross income, the courts will look at what is remaining and where it should go. It is unlikely that you will go homeless because of child support. It is unlikely because the courts look at how much you have left after all bills have been taken into consideration.

What To Do

The real truth about child support is that it almost always never covers everything a child needs. Even though you hear the stories of people using child support for vacations, those are few and far between. If you are having trouble with child support or your situation has changed and you need to modify the amount for your child support then our child support attorney at The Law Office Of Gustavo E. Frances, P.A. in Fort Lauderdale can help you. We know the depth of concern you have for your children and we want to make sure that is reflected in child support. Call 954-297-6546 or click here to talk with our professional staff today.

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